Lesson 1: Drawing Lines and Shapes

·         Work through the tutorial lesson first, then complete the Project.


To access the Tutorial in Corel Draw 8, follow these steps:

  1. Load Corel Draw (click on Start/Programs/Corel Draw 8/Corel Draw)
  2. Click on the Help Menu, then on Corel Tutor.

Click on Basic Tutorials/Drawing Lines and Shapes and go through each tutorial section.

Practice the following concepts:

  • How to draw rectangles, squares, circles, ellipses, polygons, stars and spirals
  • How to draw a rectangle or ellipse from the inside out
  • How to use shift & ctrl to help you draw
  • How to draw lines with the Bezier and Freehand tools 
  • How to constrain a straight line
  • How to erase what you draw

shadedrule.gif (2023 bytes)


Open Corel Draw 8 and make a drawing of a House, using the tools you have learned. Save it as “corel-house”. To fill a shape, left click on a color in the palette. To outline a shape, right click on a color in the palette.

Your project should include at least one of each of these objects:

  1. ellipse
  2. circle
  3. rectangle
  4. square
  5. polygon
  6. star
  7. spiral
  8. curved line
  9. straight line
  10. outline color
  11. fill color

Click below to see some samples:

house.jpg (45298 bytes)

House3.gif (35739 bytes)